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The Meta-Seed Religion

First Edition

by Robert Odom




Chapter 1: The Meta-Seed

Chapter 2: The Living World

Chapter 3: Perception

Chapter 4: Dealing With Reality

Chapter 5: The Meta-Seed has no favorites

Chapter 6: Real Values

Chapter 7: The Four Layer Self

Chapter 8: Karma

Chapter 9: Death



This is a guide on living life to the fullest. Now the keyword here is guide. It's not something you have to go by or you will be punished. It's not something that you have to go by every single part of it or you're not fit for it. It's just a philosophy on things that in my opinion, is a good way to make your overall life better and make you a happier person for it. If you don't believe in every part, that's fine. If you do, then that's fine too. Everyone must make the decision for themselves what they do and do not believe in. I just hope that you will somehow benefit from this book.


Chapter One

The Meta-Seed

At the beginning of time there was the Meta-Seed. The Meta-Seed did not like being alone, and seeing as how it was very creative it split itself up into many things.(Picture Example Number 1 Bottom of page) The Meta-Seed passed on it's creative spirit to all things it created. So the many things made more things, and this kept on until there was an indescribable number of things. The Meta-Seed was present within all these things, because they were all pieces of it. Eventually life was made and evolved into the many creatures that inhabit the Earth. The reason life evolved is because all things have a creative spark which make them want to create new things. We humans are no different. We like to create things as well.


Chapter Two

The Living World

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!

We, as humans, think of things in two ways. An Action and then a Reaction. Something acts and then something else reacts to it. But things really aren't so simple, because in fact everything is acting towards everything else at the same time. When a person does something to something else, the person is not just affecting it, it is affecting them at the same time.

Did you ever wonder why you like to carry or wear certain things more than other things? Why you like wearing this necklace better than that one, or why you like one ring over another? Well, did you ever think that the necklace or ring liked for you to wear it as well? Did you ever just buy something because you liked it, and not necessarily because it was what you were looking for? Well perhaps that object wanted you to buy it because it wanted to be with you! Everything is connected to everything else. And also, everything is attracted to everything else in various ways.

People act as if since things aren't organic they must not be alive. But their definition of "alive" is too narrow. Who's to say where consciousness ends and consciousness begins? Because if you think about it, there is no beginning or end to it! Your arm is you just like your foot, your stomach, and your head is you. You are a lot of things combined to make you. You're not just your hand or your chest! And if you combine everything that there is, it makes up the Meta-Seed.

We cannot exist without something else. Let me explain. If you were the only person living, then there wouldn't be anybody else to interact with. The only way our personalities develop is from us interacting with other people and things. So without other people and things around us, our whole being would be shaped differently. We are what we are from our interaction with the environment! Which proves that everything affects us as much as we affect everything!

People put their being into everything. Did you ever notice that when you get in a car accident you say things like, "He hit me!" as if the driver actually hit you as opposed to your car? Do you know why? Well, the reason is, people tend to make things extensions of themselves. Instead of the person saying "He hit my car!", they say, "He hit me!". The car has become an extension of the person. But what people don't realize is that everything is already an extension of us because we, as well as everything else, are apart of the Meta-Seed.

Everything is in a constant state of flux. Constantly shifting from one thing to another. There is no permanence. We don't just go from child to adult in an instant, we grow from being a child into an adult. And it's the same with everything. Everything starts out very simple, gets more and more complex, and then simplifies again. It just goes from one end to the other. If there are a lot of simple things around, then the creative impulse starts making more complex things.

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!


Chapter 3


Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!

We experience everything through our senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. The problem is that nobody perceives in quite the same way. Some people have little hearing, and some people are color blind. Yet, they experience the same things as everyone else. The point is, the actual object to which one is perceiving never changes, it's the perceiver that changes.

Now that that's been explained, think about this. Since everybody perceives things differently everyone stores things differently in their minds. The mind tries to find patterns in everything and sort out everything logically. And each mind does this in different ways. But no mind can totally comprehend anything! Everything is so complex that it would take a whole lifetime just to know a lot about one object. So, the mind makes generalizations. It has to, to survive. The problem is, most people go totally by their minds generalizations as opposed to how things really are.

For instance, let's say a person sees a dog while walking along the road. It's a very friendly dog and it looks up at them with a silly grin on it's face wagging it's tail waiting for the person to pet them. But the person, who has been bitten by a dog earlier in their life, sees the dog as something ferocious and out to get them. So they see the dog as mean looking and ready to take a bite out of them. They have changed the way reality really is purely by making a generalization in their mind! "Dogs must be dangerous, because a dog once bit me!", they think. But if they saw reality for it how it really was as opposed to what's in their heads, they would see that this dog in particular was a nice friendly dog.

People do this all the time without even thinking about it. They end up stuck totally in their heads while reality passes them by. Therefore if one experienced reality as it is, and not from what one thinks reality is or is supposed to be, then one would be a lot happier.

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!


Chapter 4

Dealing With Reality

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!

Your state of mind affects your reality tremendously as we have seen in chapter 3. Many people are negative about reality. They see it as out to get them or against them in various ways. They don't see bad things that happen to them as something to learn from to help their overall growth. They see it as, "What did I tell you? Life is horrible just like I said!". That's the thing about negative minds, they always see all things considered bad as proof of the world being a horrible place. Everything bad that happens reinforces this belief, and so their negative state of mind goes in circles.

Now this is terrible for your overall health. If you see things like this all the time you will eventually get depressed and not see life as worth living. If you're like this, don't feel bad for yourself! You're just reinforcing that negative state of mind! Instead take steps to improve your view of the world! "But how can I change what I see as the truth?", you say. Well it's not easy if you've been in a negative cyclical state of mind for a while, but it can be done.

For example, for one whole day try to see everything in a positive light, even the bad things. Don't worry about how things are going to happen, just let them happen. Now see how you feel at the end of the day and compare it to a day where you were constantly negative. You'll find that a positive state of mind helps you in every possible aspect of your life! And if you keep on trying to keep this state of mind it will eventually become easier and easier until you're a very positive person.

The benefits of being a positive person are infinite. More people will want to be around you, because people always want to be reassured about things and see things through a positive light. You will feel better overall with life's little dilemmas. You'll find that you care about people more as well. The list goes on and on, but needless to say, it's definitely something for everyone to try!

Here's a story about an old man to further illustrate this:

The Wise Old Man

There once was an old man who owned a farm and a stable of horses. Everyday he would let his horses out of the stables so they could roam the fields. But one day the horses did not come back.

His neighbor then came by to express his sympathies for the loss of the old man's horses. The old man just replied, "I'm sure things will work out okay."

The next day the horses came back, and following them was a whole new group of horses! The neighbor came by to share his happiness that the old man had such great luck. The old man just shrugged.

A few weeks later the old man's son fell off of one of the horse's and broke his leg. Again the neighbor came by to sympathize with the old man. The old man just said, "I'm sure things will work out okay."

The next day the army came by the old man's house conscripting people for the war. But the old man's son didn't have to go because he had a broken leg! The neighbor came by again to share in the old man's happiness that his son did not have to go to war. The old man just shrugged.

A month later the old man went to the store and bought food for his dinner that night. He put it on his table and then went out to work in the field for a little while. He invited his neighbor to eat dinner with him after he was done. But when they went inside to eat, the dinner was gone!

The neighbor said, "Surely this must make you mad!"

The old man said, "I'm sure things will work out okay."

The next day the old man found the thief that had stolen his food, dead on the dirt road. The food that was stolen from him was half eaten and on the ground beside the thief. Upon closer inspection the farmer saw that the food he had bought had been poisoned!

He told the neighbor about it later that day and the neighbor exclaimed, "I guess you never really know how things are going to work out in the end!"

The old man just shrugged and smiled.

The End

Now perhaps you understand a little more why a positive attitude is such a great idea to go by. For you see, if the old man had been worrying about all the things that were happening to him, what would it have helped? It just would have made things worse all around. He would have those problems plus the problem of worrying about the problems! But the smart old man just said, "I'm sure things will work out okay." And every time they did! Things work out in ways you wouldn't even think could happen. If you just go with the flow and take things lightly, then what do you have to lose? Life's funny like that.

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!


Chapter 5

The Meta-Seed Has No Favorites

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!

The Meta-Seed does not have favorites. The Meta-Seed just is. It treats everything equally. It treats the prostitute the same as it does a president. It sees no difference between them. Some might say that this makes the Meta-Seed dumb because it has no opinion. But the Meta-Seed is higher than any "opinion". If the Meta-Seed had an opinion on things, then it would be no different from us and our conflicts about everything. The Meta-Seed doesn't need an opinion because it always sees things from all sides. It's mysterious because of this. We, as humans, cannot comprehend such things, but reality shows this to be true.

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!


Chapter 6

Real Values

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!

So many people put so much emphasis on material possessions. They get something, and then they get bored with it and go and buy something else ad nauseum. People are never happy when they try to "buy" happiness this way. The reason is because the more people have the more people want. Rich people are no happier than any other person! They may say they are because of all of their objects surrounding them, but in reality they still want more! And to want more is to be unhappy, because you crave something that you don't have. Money, power, and possessions cannot make you happy. They may make you happy for a little while, but then you're back to where you started again.

A lot of people use money, power, and possessions to fill the void in their lives. But when you use things like those to fill the void it's like a bottomless pit! It never ends.

But, there are things that do fill the void. One thing is to accept reality for how it is. Instead of wanting it to be better, or wanting an object, or person or whatever, one should just view reality completely as is, and be okay with that. When you get into this type of idea you will realize what is really important. The more one accepts reality for how it is, the more one sees reality for how it really is. And the more you see things directly, the closer you are to the Meta-Seed.

Another thing is to care about people. When we care about others, it makes them feel good, and it also makes us feel good about ourselves. Everybody benefits when everybody tries to care.

Lastly one should have a belief system. A belief system is always there for you no matter what you're going through. It helps us understand reality and comforts us when reality is flipped upside down. The Meta-Seed religion is a perfectly good one to go by :).

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!


Chapter 7

The Four Layer Self

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!

|     ___________  <------ Outer Layer

|       _________ < ---------- Middle Layer

|             | o  | <---------------- Inner Layer

|       _________                 o <---- Self

|      ____________

(Picture Example Number 2 Bottom of page)

Everybody puts up walls. What I mean by this is, everybody puts up barriers between themselves and other people. For acquaintances we put up the outer most barrier. For friends we put up the middle barrier. For best friends we put up the inner barrier. And for a chosen few, we expose our real self. Each barrier represents one step away from how we really are. So for acquaintances we are the least like how we really are and feel. And for the chosen few, we are exactly, or very close, to how we actually are.

What's sad though is, that some people never let other people past their middle layer. So nobody knows the real them, because they are too scared to show it to the world. People who have been through a lot of tough times usually don't let people in. But everybody needs people within the inner and self layers. Because when you let people in past all your barriers you feel closer to them. And when you feel close to others, it fills the void, like I said in Chapter 6.

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!


Chapter 8

The Great Neutralizer: Karma

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!

What is Karma? Well it's very simple really. Whatever you do will eventually come back to you. You do a lot of good things, you get good in return. You do a lot of bad things you get bad in return.  (Picture Example Number 3 bottom of page) 

Here's an example of bad Karma:

Bad Karma In Action

(Picture Example Number 4, bottom of page)

One day a very mean mother slapped her little boy named Joey because she thought he was being annoying. This really affected Joey and he cried the whole way to school that day. By the time recess had gotten around Joey had gotten angry. Because anger usually follows being hurt. So Joey took it out on another little boy named Andrew by hitting him. Andrew then ran home to his mother crying the whole way.

His mother asked who had hit him and he proceeded to tell her. His mother then called up Joey's mom and told her what had happened. Since Joey's Mom was such a mean person she just laughed and hung up the phone. Andrew's mom got angry about this and told Andrew's dad about it. Andrew's dad said he knew Joey's mom and that she worked for him. And he surely didn't want someone like that working at his business, so the next day he firedfJoey's mom. The next time Andrew saw Joey, Joey was living on the street with his mean mother.

The End

As you can see, from that one negative action of Joey's mom, it totally messed up his and her life. This is how karma works, it just goes from one person to another eventually coming back to the person that started the action. She lost her job and home and everything for the simple reason that she got got mad at her son once!

Now here's an example of good Karma:

Good Karma In Action

(Picture Example Number 5, bottom of page)

There once was a woman who was very poor. One day, while she was walking along she came upon a man on the side of the road. He asked her if she could spare some change and out of the goodness of her heart she gave him all the money she had. He thanked her over and over, but she was just modest about the whole thing.

One year later while doing her normal everyday errands a sharp dressed man walked up to her and smiled. She said hello to him and kept on walking. But the man ran up to her and said, "Hey, don't you remember me?"

She thought about it and said, "Sorry but I don't think we've ever met."

He then said, "You gave me money when I was down on my luck! Everybody else ignored me, but you actually took the time to give me a chance. And I was so tired of the way life was on the streets. So I made my mind up to change things! I went out and bought this suit I'm wearing right now and got a job. The people at the job gave me stock options, and within the next four months my stocks had soared and I was suddenly rich! And it was all because of that one act of kindness! So here, take this, you deserve every penny."

The man then gave her a check for three million dollars. From that day forward she never had to worry about money again.

The End

Good Karma happens when you least expect it. You might do one nice thing for somebody at some point in time, and it can all come back to you. If everybody tried to do at least one kind action a day, the world would be such a better place.

Open your mind and you will see that these things are true!


Chapter 9


People have asked what will happen to them after they die for ages. And there have been all kinds of answers, but none really make much sense. Here is how the Meta-Seed religion looks at it.

We are all apart of the Meta-Seed. It is within our very makeup. And in reality we are just the Meta-Seed with a human conscious. So, when looked at in this light no one ever really dies. Yes, our consciousness is no longer human, but we will still be apart of the Meta-Seed. We always have been and we always will be. Some parts of us will go into the grass, some into the trees, some into other animals. But we will never truly die. For we are made up of the things everything is made up of, and eventually we will be apart of many more things. You might say that we will expand into the Meta-Seed consciousness and become at one with it totally. To fear death is to fear life.

Example Number 1
The Meta-Seed Splitting up

Example Number 2
The Four Layer Self

Example Number 3
Karma In Action

Example Number 4
Bad Karma

Example Number 5
Good Karma